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  • Silver Designer Ring 0001

    Grab Amazing Silver Designer Ring 0001

  • Silver Oxidized Ring 0017

    Best Luxury Silver Oxidized Ring 0014

  • silver spoon mug chhogada jewellery 48gram 1

    Silver Spoon and Mug

  • Designer Rings Online 0017

    Buy Designer Rings Online 0017

  • Antique Silver Ring 0016

    Best Antique Silver Ring 0016

  • Female Ring Design Silver 0015

    Buy Amazing Female Ring Design Silver 0015

  • Oxidized Ring Online 0013

    Buy Elegant Oxidized Ring Online 0013

  • Oxidized Finger Ring 0013

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  • Oxidized Silver Ring 0011

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  • Oxidized Jewellery Ring 0010

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  • Stylish Silver Ring 0009

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  • Designer silver ring 0008

    Grab Amazing Designer Silver Ring 0008

  • Silver Spoon Chhogada Jewellery

    Silver Spoon

  • Antique Designer Silver EarRing 0010

    Antique Designer Silver Earring 00010

  • Antique Designer silver Earring 0009

    Antique Designer Silver Earring 0009

  • Antique Designer Silver EarRing 0008

    Antique Designer Silver Earring 0008

  • Antique Designer silver EarRing 0007

    Antique Silver Designer Earring 0007

  • Antique Designer Silver EarRing 0006

    Antique Designer Silver Earring 0006

  • Antique Designer Silver EarRing 0005

    Antique Designer Silver Earring 0005

  • Antique Designer Silver EarRing 0004

    Antique Designer Silver Earring 0004


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Elevate your style with our exquisite silver antique jewellery collection. From vintage-inspired rings to elegant earrings, find the perfect piece to make a statement.

Antique Jewellery Silver at Chhogada Jewellery
Antique Jewellery Silver at Chhogada Jewellery
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About US

Chhogada Jewellery is a Online Silver 925 Jewellery Store specializing in antique silver jewelry, inspired by traditional Indian designs and craftsmanship. Established with a passion for preserving and celebrating the rich heritage of Indian jewelry, Chhogada offers a curated collection of intricately designed pieces that blend timeless elegance with contemporary flair.

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What we do

Handmade Jewellery Made With Love

Our journey began with a vision to revive the artistry and allure of antique silver jewelry, which holds a significant cultural and historical significance in Indian traditions. Each piece in our collection is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, who draw inspiration from age-old techniques and motifs passed down through generations.


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